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How to manage incoming and outgoing athlete transfers

To manage incoming and outgoing athlete transfers, please:

  1. Go to Club Admin Home 

  2. Click on the Transfer Lists tab

  3. There are 3 main headers on this page:

    1. Pending - Transfers out of our Club:
      1. These are transfers which other clubs have requested which are awaiting your Club's approval.
      2. Your club has 30 days to approve this request, otherwise a 30 day auto transfer rule will take place.
      3. Please click on the approve or deny link beside the athlete's name to either approve or deny* the transfer:
        1. This will take you to a new page
        2. You need to click on the pencil icon
        3. A popup window will appear.  
        4. Change the Approval type to either Club Approval or Denied
        5. Add some notes in the Notes field
        6. Click on the Save & Close button

          *Transfers can only be denied due to fees owing to your club or if the athlete is currently training at your club.  If the athlete is training at more than one club, then they must be set up as a multi-club athlete by the other club
      4. If your club has transfers which are stuck from a previous year in this list, please lodge a support request for support to clear these requests for you.
    2. Pending - Transfers into our Club:
      1. These are transfer requests which your club has requested which are pending the other club's approval.
      2. The other club has 30 days to approve this request (if requested in December then it will be 60 days), otherwise a 30 day auto transfer rule (or 60 day rule if requested in December) will take place.

    3. Processed Transfers History:
      1. This shows a log of all processed athlete transfer requests for your club which are not in a pending status.

For more information, please refer to the Athlete Transfer Policy

Need more help?  Please lodge a support request.

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