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Getting Started as a Club Administrator

Club Administrators are people who can be nominated by their club to access the Club Admin Portal in GOL (Gymnastics Online) and also manage your club in the LMS.  These users are sometimes referred to as Power Users or Org Admins.

Please click on one of the topics below to help you get started as a Club Administrator:

Club Administrator topics:

  1. How to get a person set up as a Club Administrator
  2. How to request Club Administrator changes
  3. How to check if someone is set up as a Club Administrator for your club
  4. How to log into Gymnastics Online
  5. How to update your password
  6. How to update your personal details

Support topics:

  1. How to lodge a support request

LMS (Flex) topics:

  1. How to log into the LMS (Flex) 
  2. How to manage your Club in the LMS (Flex) 

Club Admin Portal (Club Admin Portal) topics:

  1. How to access the Club Admin Portal
  2. About the tabs on the Club Administration Portal
  3. How to find your club's ID number
  4. How to update your Club details
  5. How to find your Club's athletes
  6. How to update athlete details
  7. How to register or renew athletes - Getting Started Overview
  8. How to register or renew athletes in bulk - Club Import
  9. How to cut and paste Athlete Codes in the Club Import template.
  10. Athlete Birthdates & Club Importer
  11. How to renew athletes in bulk - Bulk Renew
  12. How to register athletes individually - Individual athlete record
  13. How to renew athletes individually - Individual athlete record
  14. Add or Transfer an Athlete form
  15. How to request an athlete transfer
  16. How to manage incoming and outgoing athlete transfers
  17. How to request or renew a multi-club athlete 
  18. How to update Gymsport and Levels for an athlete (Athlete Codes)
  19. Athlete Code rules for all Athletes
  20. Latest Athlete Coding Guide
  21. New Athlete Coding Solution (implemented June 2018)
  22. How to manage Athlete Legacy Gymsport Data
  23. How to manage duplicate athlete records
  24. How to view Club reports
  25. Types of reports available in the Club Admin Home > Reports tab
  26. Using the Statistics Page on the Club Admin Portal
  27. How to manage workforce and volunteer relationships (Club Personnel, Technical Members, Tech Associate Members, Sporting School contacts)
  28. How to fix Club data issues
  29. Online Club Affiliation Renewals process
  30. My Club has signed up for national insurance, where can I get our certificate of currency?
  31. How to find Club 10 resources
  32. Where to find policies
  33. Child Safe Courses for compliant Child Safety Representatives
  34. Add Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander information to an Athlete Profile
  35. Add Disability or Special Olympics information to an Athlete Profile
  36. How to add a Non-Binary Option to a Membership Profile
  37. WWCC check tab in the Club Admin Portal (formerly Child Safety tab)
  38. How to get a WWCC or equivalent
  39. Email address guidelines
  40. How to opt into OneMusic
  41. Online Store processes
  42. How to opt your Club into delivering a Sporting Schools Program
  43. How to access the Sporting Schools Portal after your Club has opted into delivering a Sporting Schools Program
  44. How to use the Resource Portal
  45. How can I see an Athlete's Athlete Code (Gymsport and Level) history?
  46. Coach & Judge Register (TM tab in the Club Admin Portal)

Can't find what you are looking for?  Please lodge a support request.

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