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How to manage your Technical Member relationships with Clubs

It is important for Technical Members to have current relationships set up for the Clubs they are currently working at for the following reasons:

  • To have an accurate record in the Coach & Judge Register.
  • To be seen by the Club in the Learning Management System (Flex)
  • To be affiliated to the club for insurance.
  • Working with Children Checks or equivalent continuous monitoring for any Club you work at by Oho
  • For sporting schools contacts to be up to date in the Club Finder
  • To be able to be found on the Events/Competition entry forms in EntryBoss.

In the Relationships tab of the Technical Member Portal, Tech members can:

  • View Clubs they currently have a relationship with
  • View Clubs they previously had a relationship with
  • Request Clubs to make relationship changes
  • View a log of relationship change requests

To request Clubs to make relationship changes please:

  • Go to the search under the header ‘Request Relationship Changes’
  • Add the Club ID (How to get a Club ID) to the Club ID field.  This will need to be a current^ club you have a relationship with.
  • Make a selection using the drop down list for Relationship Type Requested.  More info on relationship types.
  • Make a selection using the drop down list for Action Required.  Please select Add to request to be added to a Club and please select Remove to request to be removed from a Club.
  • Click on the button ‘Send Request to Club’
  • This will trigger an email to be sent to the Club to request your changes.
  • The Club can make these changes by following these instructions.
  • You can see a log of relationship change requests under the header ‘Clubs I have requested for a relationship’.  Please contact the Club directly for any unactioned requests.

^For historical changes with previous clubs, please contact us.

Need more help?  Please contact us.

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