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Entries for Multi Clubs for National Clubs Carnival Provisional and Definitive Entries

When you login to Club Admin Portal and click on 'Go to NCC Provisional or Definitive Entries', you will usually have the other account link to EntryBoss (it will be the account of the first club you submit the Entries). 


I have 2 accounts as Club Admin for 2 clubs. I use my first account to link to EntryBoss -> to submit the Entries for my first club. Then I use my second account to link to EntryBoss but it still stuck with the first account in Entry Boss (it will pop up the first club).

How to solve the situation

To solve the situation, you need to do 2 important steps first: 

  • Press 'Unlink' the Relationship with Gymnastics Australia in EntryBoss

  • Press 'Log out' from EntryBoss's account after you 'Unlink' the relationship.

After 2 steps above, go back to your Club Admin Portal -> Click on 'Go to NCC Provisional Entries'. 

Then link your account again.

Check you EntryBoss's account information again before start doing the Provisional Entries. 

How can I get help?
For more assistance with registering your Club’s National Club Carnival Entries, please contact us.

For more assistance with the National Clubs Carnival Event, please contact 

Need more help?  Please lodge a support request.

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