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National Clubs Carnival Provisional Entries

Provisional Entries are available for WAG (Levels 8-Senior International), GfA (Gym for Life, TeamGym and FreeG), ACR (All Divisions), AER (All Divisions) and Trampoline Gymnastics (TRP, TUM and DMT All Divisions) for the National Clubs Carnival on 8-19 September 2021 at the Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre, QLD. Entries close on Thursday 1 July 2021 at 3pm AEST.

About the Provisional Entry Process
At the time of submitting Provisional Entries, Clubs will be asked to provide athlete or team numbers per level and category for the National Clubs Carnival. Athlete names will not be required until definitive entries are submitted. While we understand that athlete numbers may differ slightly between provisional and definitive entries, we ask that clubs provide numbers as accurately as possible when submitting their provisional entries.

While provisional entries are not mandatory, clubs who do not submit them will be placed on a wait list at the time of definitive entries and their place in the competition will be confirmed (if space in the competition is available) within a week of the close of Definitive Entries. Clubs who submit provisional entries will be guaranteed a place in the competition.

Clubs may only submit provisional entries once per GymSport. If significant changes to your numbers occur, please email All other changes will be captured at the time of Definitive Entries.

Provisional Entries are $60 (inc GST) per club per GymSport. This is a once off fee to provide priority registration to the Club for the for a Gymsport's Definitive entries. The Provisional Entry Fee will not be applied as a credit towards the Definitive Entry Fee.

Travel & Accommodation
A special thank you to our travel sponsor who can provide travel requirements for all Clubs attending the event on the Gold Coast. Please consider Sportslink Travel as our official provider when arranging your travel.  More information

How to submit Provisional Entries for your Club
There is now a new online way to enter your Club’s Provisional Entries for this event via the Club Admin Portal.

If your Club’s affiliation has been registered for delivering WAG, MAG or RG programs, you will now see a button on the left hand side of the Club Admin Portal to register for National Clubs Carnival Provisional Entries.  Click on this button to access the National Club Carnival Entries Form on EntryBoss.  EntryBoss will open in a new tab.

To enter Provisional Entries for your Club once in EntryBoss:

  1. If this is your first time logging into EntryBoss, you will need:
    • to link your club admin account by clicking on the link to the right hand side of page 'Click here to sign in with GA'.

    • Once your account is linked, you will see a message that your iMIS account is linked and that you are signed in in the top right hand corner of the screen.

    • If you are a club administrator at multiple clubs, please refer to this page.

  2. Please click on the Open Now! Click to Enter link on the right hand side of the page (this link will only be available if you have linked your account previously)

  3. Scroll down the page past the competition information to view the Entry Form.

  4. Click on the Gymsports which your Club wishes to enter.  Please be aware that you can only submit once per provisional entry eg.  You will be preventing from submitting another WAG entry if a WAG registration has been submitted previously.

  5. By ticking the Gymsport, the following will appear under a Gymsport Details header:
    • The divisions will appear which are available to be provisionally entered into
    • There will be a check box to confirm your Club is bringing a suitable judge for all divisions for that gymsport.

  6. When entering into a division please note that are maximum numbers of the number of teams or athletes that a Club can enter into a division. Please refer to the National Clubs Carnival section in each Gymsport's 2021 Technical Regulations for more information.

  7. When checking the box for “Tick to confirm that you're bringing a suitable judge for each division that athletes are entered into’, please only check this box if you can bring a judge along for all divisions that your Club is entering into.  

  8. Once you have completed the Gymsport Details section, please tick the box next to ‘Tick to indicate acceptance of all terms & conditions & rules & regulations.’
  9. Press the green Next button to proceed to payment.
  10. If you see a Problem with your Entry Form message which prevents you from progressing onto the Payments Page, please scroll down to the Entry Form and correct the red highlighted areas.  If the entry limits have been exceeded, please refer to point 6 above for the maximum entry limits for each division.

  11. If you have reached the Payments Page, please review onscreen information and then enter credit card payment information.  Please note that only credit card payments will be accepted for entering into the National Clubs Carnival and full payment is required at the time of entry.

  12. Once you have made a payment, the email of the club administrator who made the booking and paid for the entry will receive two emails:

    • An event confirmation email

    • A payment receipt email

How can I get help?
For more assistance with registering your Club’s Provisional National Club Carnival Entries, please contact us.

For more assistance with the National Clubs Carnival Event, please contact 

Need more help?  Please lodge a support request.

Have issues with submitting Multi Clubs at National Clubs Carnival.

Back to the Getting Started as a Club Administrator information page.

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