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One month until Athlete Transfer Cut Off Date for 2018

Hi Clubs,

Please ensure any athletes who require a transfer and are also required to be registered for 2018, have their transfer requested by Tuesday 13 November 2018.

The reason for this cut-off date that all 30 day auto-transfers will need to be processed by the time the annual snapshot of the database is taken for 2018.

Please note that your Club will not be prevented from submitting a transfer until the 14 December 2018, however please note that:
  • As per the Club affiliation standards, athletes should be registered within 30 days of commencing with your Club.
  • Any athlete transfers requested in December, will have a 60 day auto-transfer rule applied which means your athlete transfer’s approval may not occur until 2019.
  • The paid thru date of the athlete changes to the current year it gets approved.
  • Therefore, athlete transfers after 13 November 2018, may result in your athlete not being registered for 2018.
We recommend all Clubs who need to perform a Club Import follow this up before the 13 November 2018 so any athlete transfers can be requested before the cut-off date.

Please contact us if you have any queries about the 2018 Athlete Transfers cut date.

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