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Multi-Club Athlete Registration and Renewal Forms are now online!

Hi Clubs,

We are very excited to announce the Multi-Club Athlete Registration and Multi-Club Athlete Renewal forms can now be submitted online.

Clubs can access these new online forms via the Club Admin Portal> Administration Tab> Multi-Club Athletes Registrations. There are two buttons:
  • Register New for new multi-club athletes.
  • Renew to renew multi-club athletes who have previously been registered at your Club.
Please note that when submitting Multi-Club Athlete registrations and renewals:
  • If the athlete has not been registered at the primary club for the current calendar year, it will not be possible to process the Multi-Club registration form.
  • Club numbers can be found via the Club Finder.
  • Clubs must follow the Athlete Multiple Club Registration policy.
For further information, please refer to the Multi-Club Athlete information page.

If you need any assistance, please lodge a support request.

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