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Working with Children Checks or equivalent can now be updated for members within 12 months from expiry

Gymnastics Australia is pleased to announce that following Club feedback, Clubs are now able to update Working with Children Check (WWCC) or equivalent details for members who are within 12 months from expiry.

To do this, Clubs can:

  1. Go to the Club Admin Portal
  2. Open the Bad Data tab
  3. Expand the header WWCC within 12 months of expiry
  4. Click on the hyperlink on the member’s name
  5. This will open a new page. The member’s WWCC or equivalent details can be edited via this page.
  6. Please click on the ‘Save’ button to save updated details.

If you are required to update any member’s WWCC or equivalent details which are over 12 months from expiry, please lodge a support request

Please refer to this page if you require any further information on managing WWCC or equivalent in the Club Admin Portal.

If you need any assistance, please lodge a support request.

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